It's "Country" Subway Art..

Subway Art.. "the personalized kind"..  It seems to be all over the blog-a-sphere.. but I think Jen from Tatertots & Jello kind of put it together in a new style.. and from there is has grown and everyone has added their own takes..  I am going to try "Saying It With Thread"

I am sure the above title is an oxymoron, however the term "artistic license" can be added which then seems to make almost every art concept "OK".   Such is the case of Country SubWay Art.  But here is how it all becomes clear..  The more you view the descriptive words or pictures in "subway art" the more the concept seems likely to be applied to so many other things including HOME DECOR embellishments.. 

Simply the word.. embellishment.. opens the door for so many concepts..  For instance the simple way to add an embroidered tag with a ribbon to a throw pillow..  A pillow always seems to say welcome when placed on a chair or couch.. but add some "subway art embellishment to the pillow, and it is a touch of decorating magic.

The embroidered tag slides on the ribbon and the ribbon securely fastens it to the pillow by tying it off in back..

The pillow shown is 15 x15 inches..  The tag is created in the 5 x 7 hoop  and the PES file
is  Free to download and create your own pillow Country Subway Art..

Also.. I have created an embroidery file that will create a square Tag.. of Country Subway Art.  I think this can be hung from door, cabinet knobs.. or also attached to a pillow.  this art tag is 4 1/2 x 4 1/2 in finished size.   The file is a PES Country Square.. ready for you to down load.

the tags add a touch of embellishment almost anywhere..

You can also always find the FREE download files on the Download Page here.  If you download the free files.. please leave a comment below, I would love to hear from you.

These are so much fun.. and I will shortly add a "how to" for making these tags on your Brother embroidery / sewing machine..


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Stick Them Everywhere..Machine Embroidery Labels

Last Weekend we were featured at to Sew with Love.. Blog..Thank You so much.

The celebrations of Easter made for a wonderful week-end.. and now our thoughts turn back to projects for fun and past time. 

Recently I found that I can make quick and beautiful labels.. with my embroidery machine.
A scrap of fabric.. a bit of "Steam a Seam" and you can apply a label to almost anything..
A name label can personalize something quick as a wink and make it appear that you have created a handmade especially for .. ???

So the following is a quick tutorial on making a fabric label.. and some PES  files using a whimsical font Circlet..   
Iron the labels on to almost anything..  like these Brag books.

So you will need
  • 2 1/2 inch wide scrap
  • a piece of tear away stabilizer to fit your hoop 5 x7
  • 2 pieces of "Steam a Seam" 2 1/2 " wide x as long as your labels.

  • Using the Steam a Seam attach the strip of fabric to tear away stabilizer and press with iron
  • Then hoop your tear away stabilizer with the fabric strip centered. 
  • Sew out your embroidery..  All of the label PES files here produce 2 to 2 1/4 inches high or less embroideries..
  • Remove the stabilizer.
  • Attach another piece of "Steam a Seam" to the label back and then using a pair of pinking shears trim your label to size, Now you are ready to "iron" attach your label almost anywhere..
Since Mothers Day is just around the corner.. We have made Mom and Grandma labels..

The Files Are Here..   PES MOM   and PES Grandma.  in CIRCLET FONT..

I love this Circlet Font, for whimsy.. But I can see the need for labels where the font might be a be fancier..     For the next few days.. I shall be trying out all the spaces and places that Fabric w/embroidery labels could be used..    If you have some ideas please leave a comment below and I will.. create a label in the Circlet Font and paste it on the download page..  

Thanks Karen.. for the mention on Heyde's Facebook.  

PS..  I thought of this quickie.. to do with a label.  Make a label, Iron it on to folded card stock.. and you have a creative card.

Add some Iron on fabric Confetti to the card and the envelope..  and there you have another Embroidered LABEL use..  More to come..  Look for these files on the download page too.   Happy Birthday  PES Circlet Font   Thank You  PES Circlet Font

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Saying it with Thread Jar Lid Bonnets for Easter

These are so much fun and quick as a bunny to do..   Of course Jar Lid Covers are not new, but this little spin makes a "gift receiver" take a second look.

The process is an applique, that is machine embroidered..  All you need are scraps of fabric ( literally scraps ) and the PES file..

The jar lid bonnets fit both standard and large mouth jars..   I have also included a Bonnet for Chocolate.. 

Here are the PES FILES....  Easter  and Chocolate

The following is a quick " How To"

Place ONLY tear-away stabilizer in your hoop 4x4 or larger ..  no fabric yet

Sew segment # 1 onto the stabilizer.. It is simply a placement guide for the top.

Then place a small piece of fabric  at least 3" x 3"  or as shown just place the corner of a large piece of fabric over the sewn circle guide.
Next, sew segment 2, which is the tack down stitch..  SEW IT TWICE.  Use your screen to back up to segment 2 again and re-stitch.  This will secure the fabric tightly to the stabilizer for the next step.

Next you will remove the hoop from your machine and carefully with a scissors trim next to the stitching, leaving the circle of fabric only.  Replace the hoop back on your machine.

Your next step will be accomplishing the next segment in the file, which is the lettering.

The Next Step is to PLACE A COORDINATING 7" or 7 1/2" fabric square centered under your hoop.   This fabric is loose and not hooped.. But this works !

Start the next segment of your design, which is the satin stitching around your circle.

Let the machine finish the satin stitching and you are done.  Remove the project from your hoop.  Now tear away the stabilizer from your project.

Fold your project in half and then into a quarter.

Hard to photograph this step, sorry for the quality.  Trim the quarter fold into a circle with your pinking shears.  If you feel uncomfortable with this process you can use a bowl to mark a circle edge and then proceed with the pinking shears.

Your Jar Lid Bonnet is all finished and ready to top a filled jar..   The embroidery time for this project is less than 10 minutes.   Believe me it will take longer to pick out your fabrics then it will to make up a bunch of these for Easter. 

You can also find the files on the Download Page at the top menu.. where there will be more sayings availabe soon.. like Happy Birthday, Happy Mother's Day and many more.. All suggestions for topic sayings welcomed. 
Enjoy.. and feel free to leave some comments.. Thanks.

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