Summer Subway Embroidery Pocket..

It' s so easy to get hooked on the "subway art" style of creative expression.  The words create the art.. and also send a message to all that view it. 
This embroidery pattern and file.. is all about summer.  While it could be a wall hanging, or enclosed in a frame.  I think it would make an outstanding patch pocket.

For the example shown, I simply stitched out the design.. then added two strips of green to add a resemblance of the watermelon theme.  Attached a same size piece of cotton right sides together. The turned it inside out and stitched the opening closed.  It's now ready to be attached to a beach robe.. summer tote bag.. or anywhere else a packet could be used..

This a quick and easy Patch Pocket project.. but I am sure you can think of some different ideas this Summer Subway Embroidery.. can be applied to.

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Here is the PES File.. for Summer Subway Art which sews out in a 5 x 7 hoop.

Have a great week sewing and creating.


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Make A New "Kindle" Cover with "Subway Art"

I have made several "Kindle" Covers.. I love my Kindle it goes with me almost everywhere. But for the summer I decided to create a tote specifically for outings with a shoulder strap and a pocket for outing extras.
My attention focus of late has been on "subway art" type of embroidery, I thought why not a Kindle cover that would bear and reflect the same.

So.. a new pes file has been developed..  which creates the following "Subway Art"

The Embroidery is sized to fit the 5 x 7 hoop.  This size will fit the fabric cuts for almost all of the patterns on line for Kindle Covers. 

So I would suggest that you embroidery the fabric. . and then follow the cutting instructions for which ever pattern you choose to use.. 

Rather than build a new tutorial... I found a GREAT online pattern with a Tutorial from Sherry at Southern Girl Creations.. that WORKS.  I started here:


It's a complete tutorial on making a flap closing Kindle Cover..  Thank You Sherry for all your effort to put this tutorial onLine.


And then I added to it slightly.. By making my flap a bit different.. and adding a fabric wrapped cord which I attached with 2 circle rings..  The "Subway Art" front shows while its over your shoulder.. keeping your personal stuff in the pocket safe against your body..

The pocket in the back.. is perfect for carrying a pen, note pad and phone.
Or sometimes.. I take my "Kindle" with me when I need a drivers license, some money or charge card.. and the pocket is perfect for that...

So over my shoulder "Kindle Tote" and off I go for those summer outings..

Ready to make Your Own..  Here is the PES Embroidery File.

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And The Winner Is ???

The Drawing for the Jelly Roll Winner didn't take place until 7:00am May 26th..  We had such storms in the area I shut down the computer for the evening on the 25th..

But here we go... Drum Roll......  The winner is  # 21

Caren Adams..
Sending an E-mail your way this morning..  so we can get your mailing address and can get your jelly roll off in the mail.

This was so much fun.. and while there were a few glitches.. mostly on my part, I am still learning. 

We shall do it again soon..

Thank You to all the new followers.. I hope you will find this an interesting place as the blog continues to grow.


It's the May Give Away Party. (Closed)

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Memorial Day Decorating w/Subway Art.

It's the words.. the words enhance the decoration, or do they make the decoration?  I have become addicted to "Subway Style Art" for decorating. 

Our most patriotic holidays are just ahead.. Memorial Day and 4th of July. It simply seemed appropriate to create some decor using the "Subway" style seeing as there are such descriptive words that match those celebrations..

It's so red white and blue..

I created this embroidery file to fit the large hoop.. for my Brother... 71/2 x 11 1/2  so it makes a nice "tag" for the door.  Something different than the standard grape vine type wreath..   I think it has a nice summer cottage appeal. 

While this is a large piece..  I have a few more decorations coming shortly that will be for the smaller hoops..  

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Here is the Download File for this Red.. White and Blue Design..

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Subway Baby !

This week.. we have worked on some more "Subway Art" embroidery.  It's baby's turn. There is one for a boy and one for a girl.

The design has a lots of wonderful "words" and includes a cute tag type border.. that you can add.. or simply stop the machine and choose not to do the border segments..

Enjoy the downloads..

Shown above with the border.. it's a tag of sorts with a cute flower hole surround to put a ribbon through.    Or you could choose not to sew the border segment and use the embroidery to use in a baby quilt.. or a wall hanging..

Enjoy these file downloads.... They are free.. and I would love it if you would
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Thanks so much..

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Tote Bag Embellishment..

First a big Thank You to Carlee.. over at Ladybird Lane..  for the mention of the Lilies of the Field Pillow in her post this week.. 

Creating a special tote bag to carry when shopping for sewing supplies is not only "the GREEN thing to do".. but it's fun.   The following is a spin on a printable from Mique.. . She is the creator of 30 Handmade Days..    It's just perfect for my tote bag..

The embroidery was done with fabric on stabilizer.. and then I glued it in place on the tote bag.  You can't really iron on these micro fiber tote bags.. they just melt.  So fabric glue works just fine for this project.

The PES FILE is Here     I am also working on the design that reads  "Given enough fabric I could rule the world"..  and will have that design up this week on the download page.. Stop back by..  Or become a follower ( look at the left side bar.. and click the followers button ) and you will get a notice when I put new designs up for you to copy and use..

and yes thanks for mentioning it.. the theme here was pink.. and I thought "Think Yellow" so I did.  We always love to hear your comments..


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