Stick Them Everywhere..Machine Embroidery Labels

Last Weekend we were featured at to Sew with Love.. Blog..Thank You so much.

The celebrations of Easter made for a wonderful week-end.. and now our thoughts turn back to projects for fun and past time. 

Recently I found that I can make quick and beautiful labels.. with my embroidery machine.
A scrap of fabric.. a bit of "Steam a Seam" and you can apply a label to almost anything..
A name label can personalize something quick as a wink and make it appear that you have created a handmade especially for .. ???

So the following is a quick tutorial on making a fabric label.. and some PES  files using a whimsical font Circlet..   
Iron the labels on to almost anything..  like these Brag books.

So you will need
  • 2 1/2 inch wide scrap
  • a piece of tear away stabilizer to fit your hoop 5 x7
  • 2 pieces of "Steam a Seam" 2 1/2 " wide x as long as your labels.

  • Using the Steam a Seam attach the strip of fabric to tear away stabilizer and press with iron
  • Then hoop your tear away stabilizer with the fabric strip centered. 
  • Sew out your embroidery..  All of the label PES files here produce 2 to 2 1/4 inches high or less embroideries..
  • Remove the stabilizer.
  • Attach another piece of "Steam a Seam" to the label back and then using a pair of pinking shears trim your label to size, Now you are ready to "iron" attach your label almost anywhere..
Since Mothers Day is just around the corner.. We have made Mom and Grandma labels..

The Files Are Here..   PES MOM   and PES Grandma.  in CIRCLET FONT..

I love this Circlet Font, for whimsy.. But I can see the need for labels where the font might be a be fancier..     For the next few days.. I shall be trying out all the spaces and places that Fabric w/embroidery labels could be used..    If you have some ideas please leave a comment below and I will.. create a label in the Circlet Font and paste it on the download page..  

Thanks Karen.. for the mention on Heyde's Facebook.  

PS..  I thought of this quickie.. to do with a label.  Make a label, Iron it on to folded card stock.. and you have a creative card.

Add some Iron on fabric Confetti to the card and the envelope..  and there you have another Embroidered LABEL use..  More to come..  Look for these files on the download page too.   Happy Birthday  PES Circlet Font   Thank You  PES Circlet Font

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  1. Those are cute, and a really great idea. Thanks for sharing at my newbie party.


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