And The Winner Is ???

The Drawing for the Jelly Roll Winner didn't take place until 7:00am May 26th..  We had such storms in the area I shut down the computer for the evening on the 25th..

But here we go... Drum Roll......  The winner is  # 21

Caren Adams..
Sending an E-mail your way this morning..  so we can get your mailing address and can get your jelly roll off in the mail.

This was so much fun.. and while there were a few glitches.. mostly on my part, I am still learning. 

We shall do it again soon..

Thank You to all the new followers.. I hope you will find this an interesting place as the blog continues to grow.


  1. Congrats to Caren!
    Patty, be extra sure to stop by my blog to vote for the winner of the Best in Show award this week! I think you'll be happy to see which blogger was nominated ;)

  2. Ooooh - Patty I just got that gorgeous jelly roll and I'm in love! How do you get the courage to OPEN such a lovely roll?!!! Thanks soooooo much! I'll update you when my kiddos give me enough time to actually finish a project with them!!!! Thanks bunches and bunches!!!!


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