Tote Bag Embellishment..

First a big Thank You to Carlee.. over at Ladybird Lane..  for the mention of the Lilies of the Field Pillow in her post this week.. 

Creating a special tote bag to carry when shopping for sewing supplies is not only "the GREEN thing to do".. but it's fun.   The following is a spin on a printable from Mique.. . She is the creator of 30 Handmade Days..    It's just perfect for my tote bag..

The embroidery was done with fabric on stabilizer.. and then I glued it in place on the tote bag.  You can't really iron on these micro fiber tote bags.. they just melt.  So fabric glue works just fine for this project.

The PES FILE is Here     I am also working on the design that reads  "Given enough fabric I could rule the world"..  and will have that design up this week on the download page.. Stop back by..  Or become a follower ( look at the left side bar.. and click the followers button ) and you will get a notice when I put new designs up for you to copy and use..

and yes thanks for mentioning it.. the theme here was pink.. and I thought "Think Yellow" so I did.  We always love to hear your comments..


MakingDittle Dattle


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  1. Very clever. Your designs are so colorful and humorous. Thanks for sharing on Motivated Monday


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